September 15, 2013

Havana Twist - My Favorite Summer Protective Style

This summer I had fun with Havana Twist. Havana Twist is the best protective style (my opinion).  I say this because they keep my hair moisturized, manageable, and its also similar to my natural hair.  I don't use Marley Hair. I prefer Finger Comber Hair. It's softer, highly textured man made hair fiber that is created to blend well with a broad range of natural hair textures. To me, it looks more natural.  I've had people ask me if all the hair was mine.  Another plus to the Finger Comber Hair is that the hair is reusable.  I've been using the same hair for a year now.  I wash the hair with shampoo and condition it as well, then let it air dry for my next styling session.  It's that simple!   
My Havana Twist Adventures


Havanna Twist styled by Me
Havanna Twist hair installed by A'Kiyia's Natural Twist & Hair (Kenessaw, Georgia)
What I love most about A'Kiyia's hair installation technique is that she does not start each strand braided at the root first. The hair is twisted from the root to the end, which give you a more natural look. 

Thanks for stopping by!
Wendy D.J.


  1. I Love this Article!
    Thank you so much for the Kind Words...
    They Look Excellent on you :-))

  2. I agree with Keren, def your signature look your!!!

  3. Wendy a year! It's amazing! I need to take a trip to Kennesaw to see your stylist!

    1. Yep, I've been reusing the same hair. I redo my twist at least every two months. You will love her. She's great!

  4. Yesssss!!!! I always admire your hair it ALWAYS look great! U wear it well & love how u style them!


  5. Love your twists; I wish my hair was long enough for them. They look great on you! :) ~Maika

  6. I'm absolutely loving them on you! And you have a beautiful smile! Beautiful blog girl.


  7. How many packs of Havana hair did you purchase?


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