September 2, 2015

Look Book- All White Suit for All White Everything

I've been looking for an all white classic button down shirt for a while but I came across this all white suit for only $2.00 and could not pass it up.  I love sales! I scored this suit during a Heels On Wheels sale event.  Everything was $2.00. Yaaye!

I went without a necklace and chose this beautiful custom brooch by Cute As A Button, a one of a kind accessory boutique at www.urcuteasabutton

August 31, 2015

Look Book- Cache Ready

To most people "thrift store" means cheap clothes or old hand me downs, that's not the case.  You will be surprised by the unique and classic garments in excellent condition you will find at a thrift store.  Besides, I like being able to go shopping and not spend tons of money.

August 29, 2015

Jewel's Beauty Box: Top Milani Fall Shades

Fall is around the corner and I had to grab these Milani Matt lipsticks while they were on sale at Walgreens.  Milani ( is the first and only drugstore brand that I like.  Their shades works great with my skin tone and the price is right.  These were on sale at two (2) for $5.00.   They are usually $5.99 each.  My favorite lipstick shades are browns, plums, reds and I scored some perfect shades just for me to brighten my day as well as my outfits.   

August 27, 2015

Look Book- Little Red Vintage Skirt

Do not be afraid to wear your vintage in the corporate world.  Remember the key to modernizing your vintage is to wear pieces close to today's trends or mix eras with a modern piece.   Your look will still be professional stylish in vintage!

I styled this vintage red skirt (with pockets) from America's  Thrift Store, Marietta Georgia with a more modern blouse I scored from a House of Ubuhle resale pop up shop. 

August 25, 2015

Look Book- Classic Vintage Dress from America's Thrift

Just to think... I was going to leave this dress behind but it kept calling my name as I was about to walk out the doors of America's Thrift Store.  A good vintage dress at a great price is very hard to come across.  I'm really happy that I didn't leave this one behind.  The fit is just perfect!  

All women should have at least one vintage dress in their closet.  Every now and then, I think timeless and classic is the way to go when you cannot find something to wear.  Just think timeless! Go for it. BE TIMELESS!

August 24, 2015

Look Book- Mens Wear turns into Women's Wear

I will no longer by-pass the men's section at a thrift store.  I stumbled across this blue (men's) shirt at America's Thrift Store in Marietta, Georgia while on a hunt in the men's section seeking to find a summer shirt for my husband.  I love the colors, tried it on and it fits!   
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