Thursday, March 26, 2015

Vintage and Thrift: Color Block 1980's Pumps

Comfortable shoes are my best friend. My sister in thrift Vinty Fresh on Instagram gifted these fabulous vintage shoes to me.  I love my Instagram family. They know me so well. The color is just fabulous.  I can wear these babies with anything.


1980's Vintage Color Block Pumps/Gifted/ Ros Hommerson

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vintage and Thrift Beauty Edition: Black Nail Polish Insta Dri by Sally Hanson

Sally Hanson Insta Dri polish (dries instantly polish) is the best polish ever invented for the woman on the go.  Kuddos to Sally Hanson for this product.  I rarely have time to make it to the nail salon. This polish is the perfect remedy for the in between time away from the salon.  
 My favorite color of the Sally Hanson Inst Dri line is "Black to Black" Remember when black nail polish was just a one day a year Halloween treat or an every day of the year staple for the perfect goth look?  Luckily, anything goes these days and black polish has become almost as classic as cherry red or pale pink.  I love and wear black polish all year round.  Winter , Spring, Summer or Fall my black polish is on.  I find it to be classy with an edge. 

Some other Sally Hanson colors in my beauty closet
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Monday, March 23, 2015

Vintage and Thrift: Zara Dress and Zara Trench Coat

I found the perfect relaxed trench coat.  Spring is here.  A sexy dress and a relaxed classic style trench coat gives that effortless elegance.  This look was perfect for my cool spring night out with the hubby.  I scored this Zara trench coat at Goodwill Los Angeles, California.  Dress is also from Zara.  It is not a thrift store score but I purchased it over five years ago for a thrifty price.  

Black & White BCBG Shoes/Goodwill Marietta,GA (Whitlock)

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

EVENT ALERT: Runway Casting Call: March 28, 2015

Come join the fun on March 28, 2015 if you're interested in rocking the runway for our June 6, 2015 "Passport To Paris" Fashion Show presented by Cindy LaFalaise Shopper and Stylist of Priiincess Clothing, Juliana Nelson of Eva Paul Clothing and myself, Wendy Derilus, Fashion Blogger and Founder of 365Dresses
We are looking for outgoing male and female models. Models must be 18 years of age or older. All females should be in heels and prepared to walk during the audition. No experience is necessary, training will be provided by our runway specialist, Juliana Nelson.  Come ready to impress. There will be a photographer onsite to taking quick headshots.  
We look forward to seeing you. Please share with your friends you feel that qualify. 
DATE:                  March 28, 2015
TIME:                  1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
LOCATION:        R'Mony Lounge at 1644 Atlanta Road, S.E., Marietta, GA 30064
Contact:                Juliana Nelson (Tel) 678-389-5747   (E-mail)
Please note the Fashion Show is June 6, 2015.  Must be available on this date before attending casting call.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Vintage and Thrift: Refashion Tip from M.Nicole - Dress Refashioned to a Blouse

Big shout out to Monique N. Dickinson (a/k/a The Fashion Surgeon) of Donnie Nicole for this awesome refashion tip. I recently joined in on Monique's repurposing your closet segment  on Google Hangout.  I emailed one of my garments that I love but no longer fits right for a repurposing idea from the fashion surgeon herself.   I loved her tip.  It worked and I love it! As you will see in photos below, I submitted this vibrant color block shift dress to Monique.   I've had the dress in the my closet for three years.  I was going to donate it to my neighborhood Goodwill but Monique saved it!  See below and check out how my dress is now a beautiful blouse. Thanks Monique!
Visit Monique at 

My dress submitted/ Refashion Tip Received

Black Pleated Skirt/Smyrna Thrift Shop

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Vintage and Thrift: Sequin Tube Top Red Blazer Handmade Clutch from Haiti

The weekend is over already.  Although the weekends tend to be short, I always have an amazing weekend.  It's always a short but sweet weekend for me.  I celebrated one of my good friend's 40th birthday this weekend.   We had so much fun.  I enjoy any outing where women can just let go and have a great time. I wore one of my favorite fitting blazers and a touch of sequins.  The clutch is special to me because it was gifted by my husband. It was my gift from his trip to Haiti.     
Red Blazer/Smyrna Thrift Store
Sequins Tube Top/Savvy Thriftique
Hand Crafted Clutch/Gifted by my husband/Haiti

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

EVENT ALERT: Clean Out Your Closet- Thrifty Bella Boutique Event March 21, 2015

I'm super excited about attending this event. I'm searching through my closet right now to swap some goodies from my closet.  Spring is near and this is the perfect opportunity to start that spring season cleaning.  Remember if you have not worn that lovely piece hanging in your closet for over a year, it's time to let go, declutter and head out to Thrifty Bella Boutique Event on Saturday, March 21, 2015.  I will be there as the guest blogger to share the wonderful experience on social media!
Get your ticket today! Share on your social media outlets too

Participate in (BOTH) the Pretty Girl Clothing Swap & 
Fab Hair Product Swap for $10
Pretty Girl Clothing Swap Only: Swap up to 10 items for $7

Fab Hair Product Swap Only: Swap up to 7 items for $5

If you are attending the event to browse the vendors and you do not intend on participating in the Swaps or Coupon Party. You may pre-register at no cost.

Check in is from 12:00-12:45 First come, first served.
  • You can bring dresses, blouses, handbags and shoes to trade.
  • Once clothes are checked in and organized, you will have 5 minutes to shop.
  • Gently worn items only. Don't bring items you wouldn't want to wear. Be mindful of holes, stains, etc. Make sure clothes are clean, quality items, and insure the size is legible. 
  • Bring items on hangers.
  • Be courteous to other shoppers.
  • All swaps are final.
  • No refunds will be given for tickets.
  • Have as much fun as humanly possible!!
Fab Hair Product Swap: Trade up to 7 items $5  Coupon Exchange
Check in is from 12:00-12:45. First come first serve.
  • Please make sure items are free from hair and debris.
  • Products should be gently used.
  • Have as much fun as humanly possible!!
Coupon Exchange
Check in is from 12:00-12:45
To be admitted to the coupon exchange at no cost you must bring one of the following items listed below to donate to the Atlanta Mission.
Fabric Softener
Toilet Paper
Baby Wipes
Hygiene kits (deodorant, soap, shampoo, razor etc.)
Cooking Utensils
Corn meal
Payment Options:
Eventbrite below
Paypal Click Here to pay by Paypal
Pay at the door (bring exact change if possible)

Please visit our Sponsors and Special Guests!
 Ms. Pearlette Walker Thrift Fashion Vlogger will be coordinating our "Pretty Girls Swap" Youtube Channel HeyGirLItsPearl 

 Ms. Carnella Harvey Organizer of Natural Hair Freedom and Co-owner of Thrifting Princess Plus will be coordinating the "Fab Hair Product Swap"

 Ms. Wendy D.J. Thrift & Vintage Style Blogger, Fab On a Budget! will be our guest style blogger for the event 

 Ms. Leatha owner of Sweet Treats Concessionist who will be sponsoring our Popcorn Bar. Sweet Treats Frozen Delites 

Mr. Jacques and Mrs. Rose Duplessis of Caribbean Focus TV. Tune in every Friday 10PM Xfinity TV Channel 24.
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