November 7, 2013

In the Spotlight: Savvy Encore Vintage

Savvy Encore Vintage, an Online Vintage Boutique

A few months ago I posted  a vintage denim dress I purchased online from Savvy Encore Vintage.

 My unique vintage dress received many compliments, I just had to contact the women behind Savvy Encore Vintage to thank her. We chatted for a while to discuss our love for classic, trendy and colorful vintage clothes.   Meet Shameka Reed owner of Savvy Encore Vintage.

Shameka Reed, Owner of Savvy Encore Vintage

Savvy Encore Vintage is an online boutique specializing in vintage women's fashion. But Shameka does more than just get stylish looks for vintage lovers. A portion of the proceeds from purchases are donated to nonprofit and worth-while causes.  I call it fashion with a cause!  

Shameka is full time public relations specialist. Her start in the vintage seen began when she needed to find inexpensive and stylish clothing for her clients for events and photo shoots, which began the start of exploring thrift stores.   She's been in the thrifting seen for over three years and started her online boutique as hobby a year ago.  Her hobby is pulling off because her clothing sure did catch my eye. Classy Chic and Thrifted!

Below are available pieces at Savvy Encore Vintage


My lovely denim dress from Savvy Encore

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