September 28, 2014

The Revival Vintage Market Place Experience September 27

When there's a vintage market place event, I'm so there!  A friend of mine referred this event to me and thought I would love it. He was right! I had a blast.  There's something about a vintage inspired market place event that brings the school girl in me.  Attending these events makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. Vintage everywhere.  I recommend these events even if you're not a fan of vintage.  It's always great to experience something new. I can't wait for the next The Rival
Always great to finally meet Instagram friends in person, Ms. Queenkrys shopped Fann's Closet
Vintage Jewelry by Visually Vintage
I couldn't leave without this fabulous neck piece. I have the perfect dress for it!

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Wendy D. J.

"Live To Inspire"


  1. I wouldn't have been able to leave that necklace either. This looks like a thrifters paradise - great share! #ThriftingDiva


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