October 14, 2014

Vintage and Thrift: Vintage Day Dress

A day dress for the day.  Another dress for #31Dressses. You can never go wrong with a cute day dress.  I scored this dress from my neighborhood Goodwill.   Great for work, church or brunch. 

Join the #31 Dresses Party! Post your picture on Facebook or Instagram and tag #31Dresses.  Wear a dress and be fabulous.

Shoes: Michael Kors- $15.00 Diva's Closet Event in Atlanta
Vintage Day Dress: Chaus Brand/Goodwill-Powder Springs, GA

Thanks for Stopping By
Wendy D.J.
"Live To Inspire"


  1. What a gorgeous dress! Great find. You are looking fab :) And I agree, it is a great piece for many different occasions.

    Alex - Funky Jungle - Facebook


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