November 10, 2014

Vintage and Thrift - Jewels Vintage Closet

"Vintage is More Than What You Wear, It's a State of Mind"

This weekend was a blast.  The holiday season is kicking off just right.  So much to do and so little time but in that so much to do, I find joy in getting up in the morning, being grateful for another day on this earth and getting dressed! 

The print on this dress makes my heart beat! So colorful. It's hard not to smile in this beauty from Jewels Vintage Closet.  Another New York based vintage boutique has won my heart.  Jewels Vintage Closet is an online boutique with curated fashion hand picked by Jewel K. Jordan who is also Haitian in Fashion!   She has amazing pieces as you can see! 

Thank you for stopping by!
Visit Jewels Vintage Closet at
Wendy D. J.
"Live To Inspire"


  1. That is SUCH a fun dress! Love the belt and shoes with it!

  2. Love the print! You look lovely!



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