March 25, 2015

Vintage and Thrift Beauty Edition: Black Nail Polish Insta Dri by Sally Hanson

Sally Hanson Insta Dri polish (dries instantly polish) is the best polish ever invented for the woman on the go.  Kuddos to Sally Hanson for this product.  I rarely have time to make it to the nail salon. This polish is the perfect remedy for the in between time away from the salon.  
 My favorite color of the Sally Hanson Inst Dri line is "Black to Black" Remember when black nail polish was just a one day a year Halloween treat or an every day of the year staple for the perfect goth look?  Luckily, anything goes these days and black polish has become almost as classic as cherry red or pale pink.  I love and wear black polish all year round.  Winter , Spring, Summer or Fall my black polish is on.  I find it to be classy with an edge. 

Some other Sally Hanson colors in my beauty closet
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