July 30, 2015

Thrift Denim Vintage Saks Fifth Avenue Blouse America's Thrift and Gulfstream Goodwill

While on a mini vacation trip in Florida, I scored this vintage Saks Fifth Avenue 100% silk blouse for $5.95 at Gulfstream Goodwill in West Palm Beach. See how I styled this beautiful vintage blouse below.

West Palm Beach Gulfstream
4895 Okeechobee Blvd
Florida 33417
(561) 478-8824

My very first thrifted pair of jeans. I have a hard time thrifting jeans or any type of pants. The fit is just never right for me. Sometimes I think I need custom made jeans to avoid the struggle. Pants and jeans are my least favorite to purchase both resale and retail. I don't even want them if its it free. (LOL). I'm a dress girl all day! (365 Dresses).

I was inspired by fellow blogger LeTroy of Thriftanista In The City to be creative DIY and refashion my thrift finds. With the help and encouragement of all of Thriftanista In The City creative DIY blog posts, I had an Aha! moment. I stepped out of my comfort zone during my recent visit to America's Thrift Store and headed over to the jeans section. It took forever but I found a pair of jeans that I could work with. They were the perfect old jeans to allow me to have fun with scissors and a razor. Thanks to WikiHow on the great instructions on "How to Rip Your Own Jeans".

Blue Gap Jeans from
2949 Canton Road
Marietta, GA 30066
(770) 423-0094

Thank you for stopping by!

Wendy D.J.

"Live To Inspire"


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