July 23, 2015

Vintage and Thrift- In Living Color Smyrna Thrift

You have to boogie when you're in the 80's mood! Girls just wanna have fun in vintage! Atlanta weather has been a little wet lately. I decided to spice up the mood with this colorful Liz Claiborne sport dress.  Liz Caiborne is actually one of my favorite brands to thrift.  The quality of the material and fit is always perfect on me.

Belt from America's Thrift Store in Marietta 

Thank you for stopping by!

Wendy D.J.

"Live To Inspire"


  1. I love your style Wendy. I never wear dresses, but since following you . I have been inspired to get skirts and making my way to dresses!

  2. Very good looking. it was really nce. dress fabrics as like African Wax Print Fabric


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