September 5, 2015

My Closet Clean Out Guide

This is the time I clean out my closet. During the season of transitioning from Summer to Fall/Winter.   I dislike clutter. I like to keep an organized closet.  I prefer to have my clothing reachable and easily available in my closet.  An over-stuffed closet is overwhelming for me.  

I know when we look at our clothes, we think back to wonderful memories or the time the particular outfit was worn.  Hey...take a picture and remember the picture! This is my guide to cleaning out my closet.  

  • Does it fit? Too Small or Too Big? (only ONE motivation weight loss piece allowed)
  • Have I worn this in the last 12 months?
  • Will I ever wear this again?
  • Is this currently in style, and/or does this still accurately represent my style? (As a lover of vintage, I wear vintage according to today's modern style. This may be tricky for the vintage enthusiast but use your better judgment with vintage pieces)
  • If it is damaged in any way? and will I  make the effort to get it repaired in the near future?
  • If I was it in a store right now, would I buy it?
  • And most importantly: Do I feel confident when I wear it and does it look good on me?
If you answer "no" to any of the above, it’s time to say goodbye.

Thank you for Stopping By!

"Live To Inspire"

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