September 30, 2015

My FitBit Crush

I'm in love with my FitBit! It's an awesome wireless device that tracks your activity.  Simply put it on your wrist and it syncs with your smart phone to track your calories burned, steps even your sleep. 

As part of my ongoing desire to maintain a healthy weight, I've really jumped into using my Fitbit Flex.   I've had for about two months as a gift from my husband but it wasn't until I was invited by an old friend from high school to join a Workweek Hustle Challenge that I really started using it consistently.   My husband I are hitting the gym more often and I'm making use of my treadmill at home to get my daily goal steps in and of course to win the challenge.

I don't think I'm a very competitive person but the reminders, cheering and even the competition of the Challenges proved to be very motivating to me.  

Join me on Fitbit.  My email to
Let's get fit and maintain a healthy diet together!

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"Live To Inspire"

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