October 28, 2015

Look Book- UAE / Abu Dhabi in Vintage Black and Gold

 Out of all the hundreds of thousand miles I've flown I don't take a trip for granted. Traveling for me is something special especially when It's with my husband.  Having fun, learning about different cultures, experiences and enjoying the journey are the most important factors.  Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the top two powerhouses with the UAE that are growing rapidly in every aspect and I was very excited to scratch those two from my bucket list.

Black T-Shirt/Gap (Non-Thrifted)
Belt/America's Thrift Store/Marietta, GA
Skirt/America's Thrift Store/Marietta, GA

These photos were taken while walking down Khalifa Street in Abu Dhabi

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"Live To Inspire"

Photo Credit: My Husband a/k/a "Hubster"

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  1. Oh my u look stunning ! In love with that skirt !

    Mary aka Curlybyrdie


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