February 4, 2016

Diane Von Furstenberg Atlanta/Lenox Mall

I attended a Diane Von Furstenberg Blogger's Night Out Atlanta at Lenox Mall
You already know I love dresses. Diane Furstenberg is the queen of wrap dresses. Her dresses are made perfectly for a woman. It was a joy to get a sneak peak of her upcoming Spring 2016 collection.  

Turtle Neck Sweater/America's Thrift Store
Skirt/America's Thrift Store

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  1. Went here for a great all-you-can-eat buffet and they held nothing back. The food, service and mostly the staff at Chicago event venues were truly amazing. I was starving and am one of those voracious "sampling" type eaters who has to try everything in a buffet, and I couldn't make it!


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