December 18, 2016

What turning 40 in 2016 taught me.

1980's St. John Vintage Knit Dress 
Frock You Vintage- California 

1.  Growing old is a privilege that we should never stop appreciating no matter how many wrinkles       we see in the mirror.

2. Live life for the audience of one- GOD.

3. It's okay to stay home and do nothing.

4.  The best gift you can give yourself is to feed your mind body and spirit with healthy food and meditation.

5.  Happiness is a choice that we make each morning, it is not something that will be delivered to your door gift wrapped. Happy people aren’t luckier than you, they just choose to define their lives by the good things in it.

6.  Forgive your family, your friends and the people you meet at different points in your life for not being perfect. We all make mistakes, none of us want to be defined by them. 

7.  Hear people’s intentions rather than their words.

8.  You cannot expect other people to have had the same life experience that you do – don’t get angry if someone doesn’t ‘get it’, educate them.

9.  You can make a big difference to someone by doing the the smallest of things.

10.  There is beauty in the smallest thing, you just have to learn to see it.

11. Life should not be measured in how many times you’re knocked down, but by how many times you’ve dusted yourself off and moved on.

12. Spend as much time with my parents as often as I can.  As I am getting older, so are they.  Every moment with them is important and more memories to add to my life. 

13.  Showing other people kindness makes you feel just as good as the person you’ve helped.

14.  Life is about learning, we should never lose sight of that and never stop challenging ourselves to be better.

15.  True friends are people who challenge, inspire, support and are positive. Keep your circle positive. 

16. Spending time with my husband and son makes me appreciate them more and more.

17. Travel often.

18.  Have "ME" time as often as you can.

19. Learn or do something new.

20. Keep GOD First. 

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  1. These are definitely great nuggets! I turned 45 this year and I realize that the years are flying by. So many things I once thought were goals or important mean nothing to me now! Being happy and spending time with family and friends bring me joy. I also enjoy my quiet time alone because my job can be hectic.

    1. Nikki... I only wish I knew these things at 18.

  2. I co- sign everything on this list and some of them definitely reflect some lessons I've learned myself. Plus, you really know how to rock an 80s dress!


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