November 22, 2012

Do You Wear Winter Jewelry?

Wearing Jewelry is not just for the hot months when less clothes are worn.  Those who want to look good all year round know the importance of wearing fashionable jewelry that compliments their outfits.  It's okay to look good all year round! Just because you have to cover up to stay warm, doesn't mean you can't show off your fabulous jewels.  Remember jewelry and fashion accessories are always a great add-on to your ensemble, even in fall/winter months.  If you have a long sleeve sweater on, you can wear some nice bracelets. Stacks of multi style and size bracelets are trending this season. 

Most fashionistas will agree that the best part about the cold season are the clothes.(I agree!) That's when the best clothes come out and what a better way to spruce up your outfit is with the perfect fashion jewelry.  Earrings, Chokers, bracelets name it and it will be a perfect add-on to your outfit. 

Available at

There are a lot of great looking options for fashion jewelry that you will be able to wear when the weather is cold outside.  It's usually best to go with bulky necklaces in either bibb or collar style and bulky bracelets. At, I focus on statement neck pieces that can be worn with turlenecks, sweaters, collar shirts during this fall/winter season.  Feel free to browse!


  1. Great tips for how to style jewelry in the fall!

  2. I think it's in NY, too. Plus you can request custom stuff; and all for less than the piece they critiqued in NYM.
    Fashion Jewellery

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