March 2, 2014

THRIFTED Fashion: Church Flow Sunday

March is in town, which means Spring is near. Can't wait for the flowers to begin blooming. This winter was a tough one for us. I'm glad it's all over. I broke out this first Sunday of March in some thrifted threads.  Check it out.

Hunter Green Ruffle Blouse from Sumthinoldsumthinnew check out her Instagram page.

Denim skirt from one of my favorite locations. ONLY $.50 (FIFTY CENTS) from Park Avenue Thrift Outlet in Woodstock. 


I snagged this lovely vintage clutch with diamond pendants from Reflections of Trinity for $4.00. If you're in Powder Springs, Cobb County area, you should drop in to shop or make a donation.  I enjoy donating to non-profit thrift store ministries that help others in need within the community.  Check them out: Facebook: Reflections of Trinity  Website:

Thanks so much for stopping by

Wendy D.J.

"Live to Inspire"




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