March 13, 2014

Spring Cleaning with Reflection of Trinity Thrift Store

 Reflections of Trinity Thrift Store

Spring is right around the corner.......which means Spring Cleaning! My husband and I clean the house up and down, switch furniture around to give a new feeling, change curtains and most importantly, clean out our closets. We both dislike clutter.  Yep, my soul mate indeed.  I use to keep my size 4 dresses as motivation and in hopes that I would be able to wear them again someday. HaHa, jokes on me.  Had to get to get rid of them to declutter my closet.  My motto, If I haven't worn it in years, then it MUST to go.   

CLEAN OUT AND GIVE TO CHARITY! In my last blog post I mentioned Reflections of Trinity Thrift Store where I purchased the cutest vintage clutch.  I was drawn to this thrift store because when I visited they were actually feeding and giving groceries to people in need that day.  It's more than just a thrift store. They provide to people in need in our community. They are non-profit thrift store ministry located at 4037Austell Powder Springs Road, Powder Springs, Georgia.  I started my spring cleaning a few weeks early and donated three full bags of clothes to Reflections. It felt good knowing I gave my clothing to a thrift store that (1) spreads love and the Word of God and (2) helps the community. 

I hope you feel the same way when it comes to donations.  Clean out and give to charity that helps your community. 

Clutch purchased from Reflections of Trinity $4.00 (Vintage with diamond studs)

Thanks for stopping by!

 Wendy D.J.    

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