August 14, 2014

Vintage and Thrift: Fashion Bomb Daily Feature!

Guess who was featured in Fashion Bomb Daily?! MEEEEEEEE!  

I've read several submissions in the past and the comments can be a tad bit brutal.  Reading the comments on other submissions made me very much hesitant about submitting my photos. I'm truly grateful to have a loving spouse to convince me to go for it. I put on my big girl helmet and went for it.  The comments were pretty good. Majority of the comments perfectly summarized my style.... Classy, Conservative, Vintage and Ladylike.  My style and taste in clothing will not be the best to everyone but what I do know for sure is that I love what I wear and I feel great in what I wear. I took all the comments into consideration and appreciate each and every critique. This was a fun experience in Fashion Bomb Daily. 

One of my favorite comments from Fashion Bomb Daily Facebook Page.
 "Wait for it... Someone hates pic 2 and 3 when honestly many people don't embrace real fashion these days. Toooo many women think fashion is tight dresses and trends when fashion is really style. I love her looks and how versatile she is. DOPENESS!!"

Thanks for Stopping By
Wendy D.J.
Live To Inspire


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