August 24, 2014

Vintage and Thrift: Power Tee

Power In One Tee

The wording on this Tee is everything!  I'm a Haitian African American girl born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  I embrace and love my culture as everyone should love and embrace theirs.  

Wore this Tee last night. Thought the timing was perfect with all this chaotic news I've been reading lately.  Our world is in need of peace,  love and unity.  I pray for a period in time where hate, frustration, racism doesn't exist in our world.  Check out how I rocked my Power In Tee below.

To get your Power In One Tee visit:

High Waisted Wide Leg Pants/Thrifted/Goodwill Powder Springs

Thanks for Stopping By
Wendy D. J.


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