October 1, 2014

Vintage and Thrift: October Dress Party #31Dresses

Let's have a party! October for me is the true start of Fall Season. Happy October! I enjoy thrifting and wearing dresses. Finding beautiful vintage pieces is my thrill of thrifting.  I wanted to have a little fun this October month and hope you join in on the fun with your dresses.  WEAR A DRESS THIS MONTH AND POST YOUR PHOTO OF YOU IN YOUR DRESS. I think one of the easiest items to thrift are dresses. It's not only easy to thrift but there is a large variety to choose from. 

If you're on Facebook or Instagram post your photo this month of October and USE HASHTAG  #31Dresses. 

Dresses always bring out the lady in you.  WEAR YOUR DRESS AND SMILE! See you on Social Media!

Some of my favorite thrifted dresses...  #31Dresses

Which dress do you like?
Thanks for Stopping By!
Wendy D.J.
"Live To Inspire"

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