February 4, 2015

Vintage and Thrift: The Color Purple

I'm still shopping my closet! This dress was gifted to me by one of my thrift sisters over a year ago.  The dress doesn't have a tag on it but I love the quality of the material and the print.  The print blew me away.   I could wear this in so many ways.  That touch of purple was what caught my eyes. This is now one of my main go to pieces in my closet. 

I went crazy at Walgreens. They had all sorts of colored tights for $2.00.  Colored tights adds fun to a wardrobe.
Stuart Weitzman booties/Goodwill Perimeter

One of my favorite vintage handbags

Thanks for Stopping By!

Wendy D. J.

"Live To Inspire"

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  1. You look great, as usual! Love those tights!


  2. This dress!!!! Looking amazing Wendy. Thank you for linking up with the Thrift Sisters.

    Thrifting Diva


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