February 8, 2015

Vintage and Thrift: Plaid and Stripes

We're gearing up and heading into the second week of February also known as "the love month". This year is going to fly by us. The days, weeks, months are going by too quickly.  Oh well, I can only make the best of each day, smile, thrift and save!
I'm still shopping my closet and continuing to challenging myself to be creative with the clothing in my closets that I haven't worn in a while or I've thrifted and haven't worn yet. This blouse is a sweet repeat.  It's one of my very first purchases from House of uBuhle, an online resale vintage store almost two years ago.  I have styled this blouse to the office and to church in so many ways. It's versatile, comfortable and sexy at the same time. 
I found this lovely Pendleton tartan plaid 70's vintage skirt from Smyrna Thrift Store in Smyrna, GA. 
I believe this cost me less than $5.00 and the tag was still on it for $110.00

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Photo Credit: Cindy Lafalaise and Keren Charles


  1. Yes you really do inspired. Keep doing what you do, because people are watching, and learning. :)


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