March 11, 2015

Vintage and Thrift: DIY From Thrifted Dress to Tunic Top

Can you believe I made this top in ten minutes.  This is the quickest DIY project. It's simple. Choose a dress and cut away! No sewing involved. Just cut the sides and make sure all the edges are cleanly cut.  I purchased this dress at a Goodwill Powder $3.95. It's been sitting in my closet for over a year.  I love the pattern but the dress was too tight around the hips.  My sister in thrift, Troy of The Thriftanista In The City gave me this DIY idea to cut the sides of the dress and wear it as a cute top.  

DIY Dress to a top: Goodwill Powder Springs: $3.95
Black Sweetheart Jeans (New) from Old Navy: $12.00
Red Baker Pumps: Smyrna Thrift Shop: $5.00

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  1. What a genius idea! Now I will keep that in mind when I'm thrifting! Love this on you. You look great... In the words of Tim Gunn, you made it work!

    1. Thank you! Would love to see you try it. Please share with us on 365Dresses Facebook Group

  2. I love it! You look great and I love the pattern!


  3. I love what you getting from these thrifting stores.. cute

  4. Great idea! I will have to give this a try, as a lady who is smaller on the top than on the bottom.


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