May 24, 2017

My Favorite Things: Kreyol Essence - Haitian Shea Butter and Pomad Kreyol

Kreyol Essence

KreyĆ²l Essence is dedicated to introducing premium ingredients to the global market and an array of eco-luxury beauty and personal care products made in Haiti. Their products are natural and vegan! YESSSSSSSS! 

My skin and hair are extremely high (Just not my face...Oily, but that's another topic).  I came across  a Whole Foods article introducing this line to limited Whole Foods stores in different states.  Georgia was not on the list.  I visited their site and decided to try these two products, Haitian She Butter and Pomad Kreyol.

I really like all the natural ingredients in the Pomad Kreyol. My hair smells great after I apply the pomade.  The Haitian She Butter is still growing on me.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with their product line and it's a Haitian company too! 

I also appreciate that my purchase help Haitian women find financial stability

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