January 24, 2015

Influential Vintage Designer Names I Wish to Add to My Closet

I have created a thrift store guideline or goal for myself.  I made 2015 the year to shop my closet and so far I'm on a good track.  I've put myself in the habit of just saying "no"! LOL! My closets are in overloaded mode.  I had to come to the realization that just because the item is $1.00 doesn't mean I have to take it home. Lesson learned! On another note, because I enjoy visiting the thrift stores and looking for true vintage items, I've decided to create a list of vintage designer brands I would love to add to my closet.  This creates a challenge for me. I will actually enter the thrift store with a specific goal therefore will make it less likely for me to pick up items I don't really need. I'm on a vintage designer brand thrift hunt! Finding gems in 2015!  
Here is my list of influential vintage designer names I will be hunting for at thrift stores. 

1.    Mary McFadden
2.    Pauline Tigere
3.    Ceil Chapman
4.    Malcolm Starr
5.    Bonnie Cashin
6.    Zandra Rhodes
7.    Emmanual Ungaro
8.    Mr. Blackwell
9.    Courreges
10.  Mollie Parnis
11.  Thea Porter
12.  Louis Ferraud
13.  Adele Simpson

Wish me luck in finding these items! Check out some of the examples of styles I hope to find.

Mary McFadden
Pauline Trigere

Malcolm Starr

Mr. Blackwell

Thea Porter

Adele Simpson

Thanks for Stopping By!

Wendy D.J.

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  1. Yes to Malcolm Starr, love his work!

  2. I found a Courreges coat at the VV in Stockbridge. Thanks for the list!


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